2010年6月17日 星期四

T-ara sacrificed their schedule to cheer for South Korean Soccer team!

T-ara has already been done with their repackaged album promotions for months but their busy schedule doesnt stop. With their support song "We are the One" released last month to support South Korea's Red Devils, their full-support doesnt stop there.

Recently, T-ara has decided to clear out all their schedule, including their individual schedules(filming, photoshoots, etc) to watch South Korea's Soccer Team to play live.

Their company Core Contents Media has installed their very own theater screen on the company's yard premises. Core Contents placed a 300-inch screen for their artists, staff and employees to watch the games live.

T-ara werent the only stars supporting them, fellow label-mates Hwang Jung-Eum, Kim Su Ro, Davichi and Seeya were there to watch and support the Red Devils.

A company's representative spoke about it and said, "It's nice seeing the artists take time-off from their work and support their nation's players. The united feeling is irreplaceable."