2010年6月13日 星期日

T-ara Jiyeon, the reason why she looked down on Boram when they first meet?

At tvN's 'Taxi' program on June 10th, T-ara's Jiyeon & Boram told a story about their first meeting. Boram chose Jiyeon as a member who left the biggest first impression on her. She recalls her memory, "When they said that she's 7 younger than me and they said that she's so cute. Hearing that kind of things, my fantasize about her becoming bigger and bigger. But then she find out that Jiyeon is very tall and wearing a big ribbon. She was sitting primly and looking down at me."

Regarding this, Boram told to Hyomin who's also fall into her imagination about the new member.

Jiyeon responded regarding the talk that a cute new member will come. She told us, "What. An elementary school student is sitting there. Her big eyes is blinking, but I think she's just acting cute. [Boram]." It's a reflect respond because of her disappointment(?).

On today's 'Taxi', they will focus on T-ara's recent activities. They also revealed some various episodes about their first show on TV.