2010年6月3日 星期四

Sulli and JiYoung are Big Babies

It seems that the 94-born idols not only have an unlimited supply of cuteness but also an unlimited supply of height!
Netizens have been raving over the tallness of the youngest members of idols groups, particularly f(x)'s Sulli and KARA's JiYoung. The two have even earned nicknames as the 「Big Babies」.

KARA fans have figured out the secret to Kang JiYoung's height: power drinking. This girl, who has a love of milk, can be seen gulping down a cool glass of milk at any time and place without shame.
JiYoung's odd love of milk is a famous trait noted by all her fans. During fanmeetings with her fans or in the midst of filming a broadcast, JiYoung can be seen duly taking care of her milk supply. Every now and then, she surprises fans with her amazing ability to gulp down a 1.5L bottle of milk!
Kang JiYoung's power drinking has undoubtedly contributed to her tall frame of 168 cm. Want to be as tall as JiYoung? Get gulping!

Sulli has also earned the title of 「Big Baby,」 and she can proudly flaunt her status as a tall member. However, fans are saying enough is enough, 「That's quite enough. Sulli, close your growth plates!」
Sulli is always upholding her squeaky cute image in f(x). Concerned fans have voiced, 「If Sulli's growth plates don't close and she keeps growing like this, won't the group image be unbalanced?」
The cause of the fans' concern stems from Sulli's shocking growth spurt of 22 cm in just two years' time. Before her debut, she was the shortest member of f(x) at just 147 cm. She is currently reigning as the tallest member at 169 cm.

Netizens have commented, 「22 cm in two years? That's like something out of a horror movie,」 「This has got to be the end, right? Hahaha,」 and, 「She's perfect now. If she grows any taller, she won't be a 『Big Baby』 but a 『Giant Baby』.」

Some may call it too much, but it seems like Sulli was just blessed with great genes!