2010年6月8日 星期二

SISTAR's Soyu was originally a 4minute member?

SISTAR's Soyu was originally a 4minute member?

According to 4Minute , the answer is yes.

After the closing of SISTAR's debut on Music Bank, the group's member Soyu was reportedly seen crying her heart out immediately after stepping off the stage.

Apparently, her road to fame was not a smooth one at all, but full of downfalls and hardships. It turns out that Soyu has actually been preparing to become a singer for a long period of time, and even had the chance to be part of 4minute.

However, due to unknown reasons, she was rejected at the last minute, and was separated from 4minute』s current members, continuing on her own journey.

A related source revealed, 「Through thick and thin, Soyu and 4minute were very close together during their trainee years. However, Soyu exited the group just a few days before 4minute made their debut. So I think she became emotional after getting a word of encouragement from her old friend HyunA.」

Meanwhile, the group SISTAR's track Push Push has already topped many music charts, despite that they've only performed the track twice on public broadcast. I wonder what else SISTAR has in store for us next.