2010年6月15日 星期二

Narsha is in the midst of preparations for her upcoming solo album

Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha has returned to Korea from South Africa and is busy preparing for her solo album.

Narsha, according to officials is currently in the middle of filming for her music video for her solo album.

Officials said, "Since the 10th of June till the 12th, Narsha was in South Africa and watched the game of South Korea vs. Greecen and on the 14th at 7pm KST she has arrived in Korea".

The official said, "She will be preparing for her solo album starting on the 15th, she will be working on her solo album till dawn for shooting for the music video of her title track from her album", "Originally, her album was supposed to be released 2 months ago but with conflicting schedules, her solo debut has been moved next month in July".

Meanwhile, Narsha is the first member from Brown Eyed Girls who will embark on a solo debut and another member Gain is also preparing for her solo album which is planned to be released on August.