2010年6月13日 星期日

Kara Transforms into CheerLeader 「National Team Fighting!

We believe in you, always looking forward and overcoming any difficulties~(Part of the lyrics from Kara World Cup Song 『We are With You』)

Popular girl group Kara transformed into cheerleader to cheer/support for national soccer team.
On 12 June 8PM at Seoul Gangnam Coex Megabox, Kara together with over 300 spectators cheered for Korea Team players on the 2010 South Africa World Cup first game(match) with Greece at Samsung Pavv 3D Triangular formation cheering Theater

Kara performed several hit songs started with 『We're with You』 then 『Pretty Girl』 as well as 『Mister』 which lifted up the cheering atmosphere. Also, wearing a nice blend of red and white cheerleader Korea Team's outfit while singing in the eyes of 300 audience which made them very much entertained.

Before the performances Kara said 「Finally worldwide South Africa worldcup festival has started」, 「We'll always cheer for you(the players), be strong and hope we get good results.」
Korean team belongs to the B-Group and first game against Greece will start from 8:30PM(KST) at South Africa Nelson Mandela Bay.