2010年6月7日 星期一

KARA, likely to be the earliest Pop Girl Group to arrive at the election

Girl Group Kara is likely to be chosen as the first (earliest) Pop Girl Group to arrive at the polling place to participate the election.

On 4 June, according to the Pop Girl Contest hosted by Neobob(name of the sponsor), from last 15 May onwards to 1st June, a survey was conducted over 384 people "Who is likely to be the first(earliest) Pop Girl Group to arrive at polling places?" Kara took first place (169 ppl, 44%) followed by SNSD in 2nd position(159 ppl, 41.4%)

The Chief executive, Shin Jaekyu said, "We're hoping to get more people involved and attention of the whole nation to participate in the 6.2 elections, thus a survey was conducted. According to the survey, Kara took 1st rank since Kara is 2010 elections Cyber ambassador and seems to obtain strong support from participants. Amongst Kara members with voting rights, Goo Hara, Han SeungYeon, Park Gyuri placed each of their precious vote on their visit to Gangnam office, Seoul, ast 27 May.

The new executive added, "SNSD indeed play a quite a major role during the activities as participants were highly supportive." He added "Through fans of KARA and SNSD, this 6.2 (2 June) elections have attracted a lot of attention."