2010年6月7日 星期一

Jeon Boram, "My mother also find some support to remarry.." A Frank Confession

Jeon Boram told us her true feeling about her mother who's living in a 'DolSing' live. *DolSing = A word for a woman / man who's back to single after divorce

Boram filmed the show with her mother. She's proud to see her daughter who's supporting her to remarry.

Jeon Boram said, "Some part of me as a child still remain there. But also as someone who stays next to her." - "About my mom who wants to remarry another man, I'm not just feeling good. My mom is always supportive, and I also wanted to support her. By hoping that she'll meet someone else."

Lee Miyoung listened to her grown up daughter, then she was reddened with tears. She's feeling sorry because she's not always there for her.

Jeon Boram was born from singer Jeon YoungRok and Lee Miyoung. She & her younger brother Jeon Wooram lives with her father until high school. But because of some debt problem, she's now living with her mother.

Before debut, Boram was 20kg heavier than now. She recalled the memories of that time, "When I'm going to study art, I have so many things to worry for. All of my stress were solved by eating." She expressed, "I was like a water hyacinth." And made all the viewers & fans laughed.