2010年6月19日 星期六

f(x)'s Sulli's cute cat ears, "meow~"

f(x)'s member, Sulli, displayed cute cat ears, bringing out laughter from viewers.

KBS radio's 2FM 『Narsha's Volume up』 featured f(x), where their witty word-of-mouth stories brought enjoyment to listeners.

On this day, Sulli took pictures as a remembrance of appearing on the program. In these pictures, she had her hair styled into ears, making her look similar to a kitten and showing off her adorable side.

The bright smile and cute pose is undeniably similar to a cat's. People who viewed the pictures commented, 「Cat Sulli is adorable」, 「Sulli meow~」, as well as, 「Tasteful hair, cat ears.」

On the other hand, the radio show's DJ, Narsha, is cheering for 『2010 South African World Cup』 in South Africa, so currently, guest DJ's are temporarily filling Narsha's empty seat.