2010年6月11日 星期五

'Death Bell 2' unfinished and illegal trailer leaked, crew in a state of emergency!

The new upcoming movie, 'Death Bell 2' recently had an unfinished trailer leaked amongst portal sites, currently the staff is taking action to this illegal emergency.

Fans who have seen the 'Death Bell 2' trailer said it's what they 'expected.' The agency reacted directly to the fans asking them to "wait for the full video trailer," and that they're taking action to find the source of the leak.

The leaked video featured unfinished time coded, color correction and computer graphics that are not applied yet.

The 'Death Bell 2' distributors, Core Contents Media said, "The horror scenes and music were very important and therefore added first, but the computer graphics weren't finished (barely started) and we scheduled the release of the official trailer early next week. The illegal trailer video was unfinished and I'm very upset [about the leak]." He continued, "The unlawful disclosure of the video was illegally leaked by someone on the Internet, and we will begin working with service providers to check where the initial leak began."