2010年6月2日 星期三

Chundoong and Krystal reading messages from twitter.

Chundoong and Krystal reading messages from twitter.

Yesterday The M Wave's twitter account posted:

"hello everyone, this is M-wave. chundoong and krystal dont have tweet ids, so they post on here with us! write them msgs!"

and here are some of Chundoong and Krystal's tweets

hey guys, i'm krystal!! chundoong says i'm not good at his phone game- but i am VERY GOOD!! ^^

hi guys! i'm chundoong!! ^^ please keep on loving and supporting us!! thank you! and.....

and... krystal is next to me! she's playing games with my phone. i'm better!

Are you online yesterday when Chundoong and Krystal was online using The M Waves twitter account? If your answer is yes you are so lucky! ^_^

Missed it? Don't worry I'm sure Krystal and Chundoong would be back again to read our messages.

For those who are unfamiliar with The M-Wave it is Arirang's new Music chart program which airs every sunday at 6:00 PM KST.