2010年6月7日 星期一

4minute girls have their first official fanmeeting!

On June 6th, 4minute held their first official fanmeeting with fans in Samsung Dong Culture center at 6:00PM KST. The event was co-hosted by the female MC Kim Shinyoung.

The event was launched by a video introduction followed by 4minute's debut song performance 「Hot Issue」. After the first talking segment, the members showcased their charms and skills through their solo stages. Jihyun did a dance performance, Gayoon sang Navi's 「On the Road」, Jiyoon covered Rihanna's 「Umbrella」, Hyunah performed her solo title track 「Change」 and Sohyun did a cute hip hop performance.
In between, 4minute also answered several questions that have been asked by fans through the fancafe for the last several days.

The highlight – as dubbed so by several fans – was indeed Hyunah's improvised birthday party. It was reported that Hyunah cried a lot. It seems that she was touched by the video message recorded by her fellow members, but also the fact that the fans present sang for her birthday.
Then, 5 male fans in the audience personally picked by the members got the chance to be serenaded. 3 others had their CD signed.

4minute also performed their latest title track 『HUH』. Since fans asked for an encore, the girls ended their first fanmeeting by performing Hot Issue and Muzik.

Random notes :
- Jihyun fell during her performance (it is nothing severe though)
- Sohyun or one of her backdancer threw a signed cap
- Fans were given a Metacone for free after the fanmeeting
- 「Official」 4nias got a special gift