2010年6月7日 星期一

4Minute Gayoon Attracts Attention With Her Sunglasses

4Minute Gayoon Is The Center Of Attention Because Of Her Sunglasses

For the first time,4Minute's Gayoon was spotted wearing sunglasses while performing on KBS 's music show,Music Bank on June 4.

Jun Jiyoon,who had to constantly wear sunglasses during 4Minute's debut,has also been nicknamed "Junglasses" because she couldn't take them off,since it was part of her concept.

However,this time,it was Gayoon's turn,but for medical reasons.

Gayoon injured her eye while changing her clothes and is therefore undergoing treatment.

She had to wear shades to protect her injured eye from light's exposition.

Fans have been very worried for Gayoon after seeing photos of her when she was voting on June 2's election.They also wished her a fast recovery.

Will Gayoon earn a similar nickname too?