2010年6月11日 星期五

100512 f(x)'s 「Cheek-Touching Dance」: Not a Snobbish Concept, But a Splendid One

The girl group f(x) explained about the hot topic, the 「Cheek-touching dance」.

On the 4th, f(x) has made their comeback stage and released their first mini album entitled . With an appealing power of live vocals and distinguishing music, f(x) had blown their 「fresh wind」, separating themselves from other girl groups.

With a polished choreography, which among them consists of several points of postures, their performances had surely attracted the fans' attention. The most brought up parts were after the chorus, where they do the posture of looking at the mirror while doing make-up, or so called the 「Cheek-Touching Dance」 and the shaking both arms, which is called the 「Na-na-na dance」, and the part where Victoria does the split.

During the recent meeting with f(x), they have explained about the dance points. Luna said 「Among the whole choreography, there is a formation which contained the 「Cheek-Touching dance」, and that part is 's point. The formation is the posture of looking at the mirror while doing make-up,」
Although people interpreted the part where looking at the mirror while touching your cheek as 「drama queens」 or 「snobs」 (both meaning where people think they are pretty), Krystal has revealed the real meaning of the formation. 「Rather than saying its 'snobby', the formation itself screams the confidence and dignity which shows that 'this is the real us' because the music beat is strong, not the sha la la~~ feeling kind of music.」

After hearing their explanations, the previous impression for the 5 members of f(x) has changed and it was considered as their dignified charm.
The music video, which released around the same time as their comeback, is said to have a hidden incident. 「a big 「daebak」 incident happened!!」 Sulli added while grinning sheepishly. 「Victoria Unnie had a costume that has several mirrors on it, and she broke some of them!」

「It didn't happened while I was dancing, I was standing idly and the mirrors felt by itself and broke. I was shocked and all the members said 「daebak!」 and liked it,」 Victoria said, smiling.

Meanwhile, Amber said, 「While recording the music video, I saw a form of a black cat passing by」 and 「Though while dancing and the music is turned off, there was a weird sound that can be heard continuously」. She explained and indicated the 「daebak」 symptom.
Maybe because of all the 「daebak」s? After making the comeback, f(x)'s has not only rapidly conquer the 1st place of radio music charts, but also breaking the normality of the daily-weekly album sales charts. They are also pointed as the "2nd generation of SNSD」.

「We wish to get 1st place in a music program」 as they said with anticipation of that wish to become reality.

Note: daebak means big hit