2010年4月20日 星期二

Tiffany Reveals the Truth Behind Her 「Outcast」 Days

There was many a rumor flying at the start of SNSD's career that member Tiffany was being outcasted by the group. On the April 20th broadcast of KBS Win Win, Tiffany disproved those rumors.

Tiffany, who usually doesn't read articles about herself, had absolutely no clue about the make-believe rift, created by netizens, between herself and the SNSD members! However, her brother did. He was apparently so concerned that he called Tiffany to try to help her through the tough time.

MC Kim SeungWoo started off this interesting story after saying to the SNSD members, 「There's been talk about an outcast in SNSD,」 to which Tiffany laughed, 「I'm the main character of that story.」

Tiffany continued,

What I really wanted to open about that issue is that I don』t really go on the internet a lot. Even when I do go on the internet, I don't really look at any of the comments on me. But then one day my older brother called me and asked, 「Are you having a hard time lately?」

I was a little surprised that he knew and told him, 「I'm having a really hard time lately. How did you know?」

Then my brother sighed and said, 「Nothing, I just thought that you might.」

When I told him, 「But at least it's going well,」 he just responded, 「What does it matter if it's going well if you're all alone?」

But then I thought he was talking about me being alone apart from my family! So I told him, 「To be honest… I'm pretty lonely.」

We went on talking about that for 10 or 15 minutes before my brother finally asked, 「Is there a specific member that's giving you a hard time?」

When I told him, 「No… What are you talking about?」 he responded, 「The story about you being a loner…」

That's when it hit me, and I just sighed, 「Oh. There are stories like that about me too.」 So then I searched for them. And the members never talked about that with me, but when I first brought it up to them, we all just laughed about it. It wasn't even a misunderstanding, but it seems like my family was really hurt by it. I'm okay!

It all, thankfully, turned out to be a huge misunderstanding! Tiffany and the other members laughed off the incident, showing their sisterly bond. Who could ever believe a rift between these nine sweethearts?