2010年4月20日 星期二

Ock JuHyun's Wise Words to SNSD

Former Fin K.L member, founder of modern k-pop idols, & overall multi-tasker Ock JuHyun gave SNSD members some honest advice.

Recently, Ock JuHyun appeared on KBS Win Win on April 20th with SNSD, appearing as the 『Surprise Guest』. Being the closest celebrity in touch with SNSD, she revealed that she councels the members. Also, she reveals that she is an unnie in whom can share her past experiences with Fin K.L to SNSD .

Without hesitation, she expresses that one factor in which that stands out Fin K.L more than SNSD is the average height. Ock JuHyun says 「SNSD looks at the members with the most popularity and get jealous on the inside, but they act like they don』t on the outside.」

Ock JuHyun stated that during her Fin K.L prime promotions she secretly dated her colleagues. Her advice to SNSD regarding this issue is that 「I'd like it if SNSD dates before it gets too late, even if it's secretly.」

Well, this is certainly a propitious advice! Ock JuHyun's wise advice hopefully, can benefit SNSD in the near future.