2010年4月20日 星期二

Cubed3 Apologizes for Interview Hoax

On April 19th, game website Cubed3 had organized an over-the-web interview with SNSD's Tiffany, or so they thought.

Things started to get fishy when 『Tiffany』 was answering questions very truthfully and without her normal shy behavior. Fans became very suspicious when she was asked the question, 「Do you think that you can be more successful than Wonder Girls?」 and responded, 「Of course!」

This of course seemed off to followers of SNSD and Tiffany as fans know that Tiffany has learned her lesson from many years ago about how she should answer certain questions. Tiffany has had her share of trouble when her words were being twisted in the past and SM Entertainment has since then taken action on Tiffany and the rest of the girls. Fans also knew that Tiffany is actually close to some of the Wonder Girls members and she often cheers for them. Plus, what celebrity in their prime would ruin their already growing reputation with such an obviously blatant comment that could (and would) bring negative connotations?

Shortly after the interview SM Entertainment contacted Cubed3 and informed them that the user who claimed to be Tiffany was in fact impersonating her and stated, 「We know for sure that Tiffany never had an interview like this. We have no idea why this happened.」

Cubed3 then made a formal apology afterward to both SNSD and Tiffany, displayed below:

Let's hope that this is the last time our girls from SNSD get impersonated!