2010年4月20日 星期二

SNSD TaeYeon:「Being 『Cute』 was Hard.」

SNSD leader TaeYeon revealed her true feelings about their 『cute』 concept.

For the past few years since their debut, SNSD has shown us various different concepts. One that really stood out and made colored skinny jeans VERY popular was SNSD
s 『cute』 concept with their hit song,『Gee』. Fans loved it. Netizens adored it. Everyone and anyone who was a fan wanted to copy it.

Not only did it help to add to the 9 girls』 enormous fan base, but the 『Gee』 choreography also gained instant fame through various parodies and dance covers via YouTube and different video sharing sites.

But for SNSD's leader TaeYeon, grasping the 『cute』 concept and digesting it wasn't as easy as she thought.

On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV's 『Win Win』, TaeYeon stated:」When we were promoting 『Gee』, I felt that the cute concept did not suit me. At the age of 20, I wanted to go out stronger.」

However, TaeYeon wasn』t alone. Yuri followed suit and commented that due to her fairly husky voice, acting cute was hard for her as well, but fortunately many of the younger members helped her out.

The other members of SNSD seemed to disagree. Tiffany stated that:」I learned by looking at Yuri. We felt that we were being forgotten because of her eye smiles,」 causing everyone to burst into laughter.

During the show, Jessica also shared the hardships and issues she had dealt with while promoting 『Oh!』. She revealed that,「 During that time, I also had to perform my musical, 『Legally Blonde』. I wasn』t mentally or physically well, and was not able to spend much time with my members.」

Jessica also gave thanks to her senior, Ok Ju Hyun, and shared,「She gave me lots of advice and would make time for me to listen to my problems and buy me food.」

It's so nice to hear such honesty from SNSD these days. Opening up and sharing their lives really helps us fans to connect and relate with the girls more and more. And despite what they went through, and whether they feel like their current concept matches with them or not, we will always support our 9 gorgeous ladies of SNSD!