2010年4月20日 星期二

SNSD's Drunk State

SNSD's Tiffany reveals Sooyoung and Jessica's drunken states on KBS Win Win. SNSD said, 「We drink alcohol sometimes. Just as the members' personalities are different, their drinking habits are different as well.」

Tiffany said, 「One day, our company heard about how Sooyoung drank one can of beer and her face got red. They asked, 『Did you maybe drink beer?』 and Sooyoung angrily responded under the influence of alcohol, 『Why? I'm not allowed to drink?』 Jessica has gotten into the habit of calling people when she's drunk. She'll drunkenly call her mother and set up a time to meet and her mom will come and Jessica will go, 『Why did you come?』 She forgets everything that happened while she was drunk.」