2010年4月19日 星期一

Seohyun 「I'm no longer last in terms of fashion sense」!

SNSD's maknae, Seohyun, recently spoke out about her change of fashion sense within the members. The girls recently took part in a Y-Star documentary called 」 Right Now, Its So Nyuh Shi Dae」 in which the girls revealed the truth and misconceptions of their fashion and also that maknae Seohyun had changed ranks in her fashion sense and is no longer in last place.

In the past Seohyun was always noticed wearing a typical high school girl's style; however, recently she has started taking a more keen interest into fashion.

The members were all very eager to share their views on her change and Sunny also claimed that their stylist was happy with this news as Seohyun now asks her what to wear the day after a performance!

Tiffany commented that 」 Seohyun used to come to us for advice before shopping, but now she's good at picking pretty items. She has better sense than her unnies.」

Fellow member Hyoyeon also commented on the maknae's change by praising her, stating 「Seohyun』s fashion sense is getting better. She went shopping with her mother a few days ago and showed [Hyoyeon] the clothes. She bought a dress and coat which goes well with her image.」

She had also revealed that 「Seohyun now ranks 2nd or 3rd in terms of fashion. After [SNSD] came back from Pattaya last year, it was already on the verge of an upgrade. At that time, Seohyun had worn a flower-patterned dress and a cute vest.」

Having turned 20 must have given Seohyun the step she needed to start being more individual on her chosen style!

And just in case you was wondering where some of the other members ranked according to their fashion well the top 4 were Sooyoung with her unique sense of style followed closely by Jessica, Tiffany and Yuri.