2010年4月21日 星期三

Kim TaeWoo, 「90% of Idols Are Dating」

Recently, on April 20, Kim TaeWoo made a guest appearance on Mnet Radio, revealing that 90% of idols who say they aren't dating, are in fact dating! As he was a member of popular group G.O.D. himself in the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Kim TaeWoo also spoke about his dating experience.

When asked about his dating experience by MCs Kim JinPyo and Mithra Jin, Kim TaeWoo answered, 「At the time when G.O.D. was promoting their song, Ordinary Day, I felt like I could relate to the lyrics since I broke up with my girlfriend not long ago.」 G.O.D.'s Ordinary Day tells of a man who, like many others, claimed he would never forget his girlfriend. He ends up feeling remorseful for forgetting about his love and moving on. He even added, 「At that time, all the members of G.O.D. were dating. 90% of all idol singers are most likely dating right now,」 surprising the others.

Kim TaeWoo then talked about idols' other life. 「When asked, all idol singers will say that they are not dating anyone.」 Continuing, he added that idols typically date other idols.

In further detail, Kim TaeWoo stated, 「90% of all idol singers who say they are not dating at the moment are lying. They are most likely dating very carefully.」

When asked if he dated during the days of G.O.D., Kim TaeWoo replied, 「I was an exception. Right now, one of my previous girlfriends is quite famous.」 He didn't mention any names, but do you have any guesses on who this female might be?