2010年4月25日 星期日

Kara are you girls next door!

Kara's member Hara revealed members unusual affection.

"When all members are together, the feeling is stronger" said Hara at SBS broadcast program 'Good Morning' on 26 April.

The leader of the group Park Gyuri was asked about what is the general appeal of KARA to the audience and to their fans and the leader said, "We are the Girls next door, friendly, relaxed and charming at the same time!" She also added, "With five girls like this together then you will feel a strong charisma from us".

They also talked about the appeal of each members, Leader Gyuri talked about Nicole, "Nicole is a positive girl and surprisingly cute and also brings a sexy charisma on stage" and she said that those are Nicole's strong advantages.

Next was what the appeal of Park Gyuri was, "Park Gyuri is the goddess and is responsible for Kara being the leader". They were also asked on what their general appeal was being a girl group and they replied with "Kara is responsible for the cool and sexy crisp appeal" they said.

Kara debuted in the kpop scene with their first mini album The First Blooming on 2007 and they recently released their latest mini album last February "Lupin".