2010年4月25日 星期日

A Battle of Sexiness Between Baek JiYoung, Ivy, and Brown Eyed Girls?

Singer Baek Jiyoung, sassy hip swaying Brown Eyed Girls, and sexy queen Ivy got together for a CF and photo shoot!

The six ladies in attendance had a photo shoot to promote Queen of Beer, which is a low calorie beer fortified with dietary fiber. The CF for the beer is to be released; to tease fans, a short preview for the CF was released.

Not only did these ladies promote Queen of Beer together, but they also took part in a photo shoot to be in the May issue of Instyle. The luxurious photo shoot showed off the sexy charisma of each person, while their black toned dresses and smoky makeup gave off a classy style.

Some photos of the flawless ladies from the photo shoot were released! Feast your eyes on the elegant photos below.