2010年4月20日 星期二

The KARA and 4minute Japan Craze

So far, only boy groups are recognized in Japan, such bands are Big Bang, DBSK, SS501 and FT Island. But will this year be the start of the girl groups craze?

Earlier this year, KARA had just had their first showcase in Akasaka, Tokyo. For those of you who do not know, press conferences are held before those kind of events. Even though they are not that well known in Japan, over 100 media reporters welcomed the group and a whooping number of 4,000 fans supported their showcase.

As for the funky group 4minute, they had some For Muzik album promotions earlier this year too. They are also expected to release a Japanese version of their famous title song Muzik next month, under Universal Music Japan. These girls were even named 『talented newcomers』 in Japanese Billboard online.

I'm liking this new found relationship of the Japanese and Koreans, considering all they've been through.