2010年4月20日 星期二

2AM – KARA, Real-time communications with netizens via Twitter!

2AM – KARA, Real-time communications with netizens via Twitter

A game is expected to be released late April which allows users to experience the future eco-friendly technology in Smart-phone applications TVCF. This game will be produced with KARA and 2AM appeared directly as the characters.

During 2AM and KARA's campaign, dugeundugeun joined in twitter real time and share conversations with netizens. Netizens also tweeted 2AM members directly as well as leaving comments (as much as 500) on photos posted.

Campaign officials said 「This campaign is about knowing the importance of eco-friendly technology. Some materials are still difficult to access by the public, thus this campaign aim to provide means that are user friendly and easy to understand using various communications channel.

Meanwhile, Kara's world cup song 「We are with you」 is scheduled to be released while 2AM will also be active on various advertisements.