2010年4月23日 星期五

Jiyeon is a Thief ?

For the "Boyfriend Styling" mission of TV show "T-araDotCom", T-ara's maknae Jiyeon was caught stealing her unnie's items.

In the last episode of "T-araDotCom", the girls began their final mission to decide who would ultimately be the manager of the online shopping mall. They began to stylise "boyfriends" to help them expand their shopping mall range to include a men's collection.

The T-ara members had 20 minutes to create three styles for their male models, leading up to a runway show with their final selection.

In the episode, maknae Jiyeon complained "I can't even dress myself that well, how could I style anyone else?" before showing her envy at the items that the other members had selected. Jiyeon drew great laughter by being caught dressing her model in a shirt she stole from Soyeon. When Soyeon complained "Jiyeon always steals stuff" to which Jiyeon rebuffed "I wasn't stealing, I was just having a look"

But later, Jiyeon tried to snatch something from Hyomin but was stopped when Hyomin threw her body to protect her items. Jiyeon's excuse this time was that she "just wanted to touch it a bit" and that "it looked like nobody owned it" but eventually apologized.