2010年4月23日 星期五

Hyori gets herself caught in yet another plagiarism scandal!

Lee Hyori, Korea's Artist of the Year, is in BIG trouble!

The 30-year-old Korean pop star has just been caught allegedy plagiarizing from Canadian pop group, Cookie Couture - The group released their track, Boy Bring It Back, in 2008 and Lee just released her very similar track, Bring It Back, this month.

Cookie Couture's Stacey Maroske said in a statement to yesterday,
"I was shocked when I first heard Lee Hyori's 2010 recording. I couldn't believe how similar the song was. It's almost an exact replica, even down to our vocal riffs. I mean we worked really hard as a group to write this song and perfect it back in 2008. It just seems really unfair that this song is being sold on iTunes by an artist who has stolen the song from us. It's plagiarism, and we hope we see justice."

Nobody from Lee's camp could be reached for comment about the alleged plagiarism.