2010年4月25日 星期日

Yoona Feels Lonely Without Her Groupmates

On a recent episode of KBS 2TV's 『Story Show Rock,』 SNSD member Yoona revealed her feelings over her fellow members』 individual activities.

Yoona confessed to feeling upset and lonely when the other members leave for other activities which she can't join, due to her new upcoming role in a drama. She acknowledged these thoughts, 「It was hard when I was filming dramas, but I felt very lonely and most upset when the other eight members were up onstage without me. I would [rather] have all nine members performing on stages together […] than individual activities.」

During this episode, Yoona also gave some advice to all program producers out in Korea: 「It is all of [us] nine members' wish that Hyoyeon [will] go on a reality program. I highly recommend it; I think she'll do really well.」 Perhaps after hearing the SNSD icon's words, producers will have SME's phone ringing off the hook with requests for Hyoyeon to grace their shows with her appearance!

During the course of this show, the nine SNSD girls also expressed their love for their foreign fans. Moved by the fact that many foreign fans were able to mimic the moves and tunes of SNSD, the girls stated, 「[The fans] must have seen [our products] so many times, because they made no mistakes. Even we are amazed at them, and it brings us to tears because we are so thankful. [They motivate] us to work much harder.」

The release date for the rest of this program has not yet been announced nor confirmed yet, due to the unfortunate naval ship incident.