2010年4月22日 星期四

Who wants to be friends with 4Minute?

It looks like 4Minute will be back on MTV for another series soon.

Through this latest MTV hook-up, 4Minute will be holding 4Minute's Friend Day where the girls aim to make a new non-celebrity friend. The event will be held by MTV and Bing Metacone, which are now accepting applications for those who want to be bffs with 4Minute.

The show debuted last year with KARA's Meta Friends. The idea of the show was to sell ice cream allow idols to make friends with normal, everyday people.

As for our lovely girls, they will hold different activities with their friends such as trips, going to school, going to a cafe and more. Then, 4Minute will choose who among the participants was the most memorable friend. The survivor winner will get to enjoy a mini-concert (!!!) from 4Minute in July (Editor's note: ).

July 9 (remember this people) will officially be 4minute』s Friend Day. HyunA said, 「Last year, I was jealous of KARA spending time with their friends on the show. I』m happy and nervous to think about 4Minute going through the same thing.」

The show will begin airing in June, and based on my math skills judging from the countdown on Metacone's official website, D-Day will most likely be on June 23rd. It remains unknown how many episodes 4Minute's new MTV program will have. Hopefully, there will be enough to keep us satisfied.