2010年4月22日 星期四

"This is Romantic" Yoon SiYoon, T-ara members and a sweet date!

'JunHyuk Student' Yoon SiYoon captured the heart of T-ara Hyomin.

T-ara and YoonSiYoon are currently starring in O'live drama 'T-ara&Yoon SiYoon BuBiBuBi'. This drama is a 5 five minute episode, where T-ara member whose making a comeback meet Yoon SiYoon to solve a dilemma.

Hyomin dream to be destined to love a man that receives a message from the movie. Then Hyomin is hypnotized by a mysterious force from a man. Yoon SiYoon plays this man. Hyomin and Yoon SiYoon enjoy a night date like if they were in a dream. 

Hyomin and Yoon SiYoon romantic date is a 'set of three kinds of romantic,' an online dating episode have been showed to the public and already received great interest form the netizens. 

April 24th, Yoon SiYoon and Hyomin new episode'Before Sunset' will air and Jiyeon, Qri, Eunjung, Soyeon, Boram's story in 'BuBiBuBi' is scheduled to be reveled through 12 episodes.