2010年4月19日 星期一

Taeyeon is set to challenge herself in Musicals

SNSD leader Taeyeon is set on challenging herself in Musicals.

Taeyeon will be appearing from May 7 to 29 at the Sejong Center M Theater to perform the musical "Song of Sun" which is her first step in participating in a musical. She has also been chosen as the main leading role in the musical.

Song of the Sun was originally a novel released in 2006 which was published in Japan.

Taeyeon said she had always wanted to participate in a Musical and this will be a new learning experience for her and also a way to challenge herself. Known for her strong and sweet vocals and performing skills this will be the first time she will debut on a musical's stage.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is also promoting overseas with SNSD and had to quit in her radio show Chin Chin at MBC and will be replaced by a new DJ.