2010年4月26日 星期一

Taeyeon immediately focuses on her Musical Debut

According to SM Entertainment on the 26th, "Today (26th) Taeyeon calmly went to practice for her musical debut", "Until this afternoon she has been thinking about going to practice for her musical". Just from the last broadcast yesterday of Chin Chin she immediately focused herself on practicing for the musical.

As you know, Taeyeon had the last broadcast being the DJ on MBC Chin Chin radio due to too much activities on her schedule such as being the leading role on the musical "Song of the Sun" which is her musical debut and overseas activities with SNSD.

Taeyeon starting from May 7 to 29 will be appearing in the musical "Song of the Sun" that will be held in Seoul Sejong Center M Theater for her musical debut. Out of the members of SNSD, she is the second member after Jessica to be part of a Musical.