2010年4月21日 星期三

SNSD Tiffany, 「My family had felt more hurt about rumours of bully」!

On KBS WinWin aired on 20th April, all 9 members of So Nyeo Shi Dae had appeared on the show.

Tiffany said on the show, 「I don』t use Internet much so I don』t look at the things that netizens wrote. I only know about rumours of bully in So Nyeo Shi Dae when my family called me up.」

She added, 「My elder brother asked me if I felt tired/things are difficult. But since I was feeling tired due to work I answered yes. My elder brother had thought that I was really being bullied.」

Tiffany revealed that she only knew about the rumours when her elder brother had asked weird questions like 「Is there any specific members you are uncomfortable with?」. She then commented, 「I would usually smile and talk about such things, but my family must have felt more hurt about this.」