2010年4月24日 星期六

Raina-Liz, "BEAST's Yoon DooJoon looks like he will control the women"

On the episode of KBS2 『Star Golden Bell』 that aired on the 24th, After School member Raina added a vote to the question that BEAST's Yoon DooJoon looked like he has the bad boy potential.

Raina stated to this question, 「I have seen Yoon DooJoon a few times around the building, and he has a strong look and charisma as well.」

In addition she added, 「I think he will have a trait that attracts women.」

When the MCs asked the question, 「Then did he attract you a bit too?」 Raina suddenly got embarrassed and stated, 「Um…I'm not sure.」

In the end, Raina came to the conclusion, 「So that is why I think he might be less talkative with his girlfriend.」

Meanwhile, After School member Liz also stated, 「I think Yoon DooJoon will act like he has charisma with his eyes and then again smile with his eyes controlling the women.」

Other than this on Star Golden Bell, Kang EunBi, After School's Kahi, Nana, Heo KyungHwan appeared on the episode causing a lot laughter.