2010年4月25日 星期日

f(x) is a Hit in Japan!

Girl group f(x) proved their popularity on April 24, while on tour in Japan. On this day, the girls, along with SM labelmates SHINee, went to 『New Generation Live in YOKOHAMA,』 which was held at the Pacifico Yokohama Hall. To further generate hype, popular idols Kim Bum, Goo Hyesun, and T-MAX also attended the event.

This performance was their first one in Japan, and they drew the crowd wild with their great stage performances of 『Lachata,』 『Chocolate Love,』 and 『Chu~♡.』 The multicultural girl also proved their wide variety of language capability at this concert by greeting their fans in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English.

After f(x) finished this performance, SHINee took the stage by storm with their ending performances, driving the fans crazy with popular songs such as 『Jojo,』 『Ring Ding Dong,』 『Juliette,』 『Love Like Oxygen,』 and 『Replay.』 Both SHINee and f(x) were successfully able to prove their potentials in portions of Asia other than South Korea through these performances.

The success of the two SM groups paved the way, and created even more excitement for the event that was scheduled for the very next day, 『Boys Before Flowers Last Event – Graduation.』

Perhaps after SM notices the massive success f(x) had at this event, we』ll be seeing the girls in Japan, fully taking advantage of their multinational attributes!