2010年4月21日 星期三

91 line idols are close with each other!

Netizens are cheering on with Nicole and Key's friendship! Some of their comments are "their friendship is heartwarming", "I wish i had the right guy" and are expressing their reactions to such.

In fact, Nicole was born in 1991 and so is Key both coming from the '91 line addition to this, 2am's Jinwoon is also born in 1991 including Beast's Dongwoon and MBLAQ's Mir and looks like they are all close to each other.

During breaks or when they are in waiting room during music programs they talk to each other and have a good time and these are making the fans envy of their close friendship and the warm line between '91-ers are displayed.

As idol's are finding it difficult to meet peers and friends of the same age since normal teens of this age are in school, they find it easier to communicate with idols the same age as them especially the 91 line.

Meanwhile, its not only the 91 line which is famous but also the '94 line.