2010年5月11日 星期二

Kara Selected as Cyber Ambassadors for 2010

The girls of Kara have been selected as the 2010 Cyber ambassadors for promoting local elections in South Korea!

Because of Kara's pure and rumor-free image, the Central Election Management Committee ruled that they would be the best fit for the role. In addition, Kara's promotions of elections would solve the country's problem with having a 「low percentage of votes from [youngsters in their 20's,]」 as the committee hopes that 「[Kara's] bright and vibrant image [will] be helpful in increasing the vote from young people.」

Artists Rain and the Wonder Girls were previously honored with this title as well; like their predecessors, Kara's activities as ambassadors will be recorded for fans to see on both Naver and the Central Elections Commission website.