2010年5月11日 星期二

f(x) isn't Shedding Any Tears Over the Wonder Girls!

The five members of f(x) have just come back with their newest hit track NU ABO, but the long-awaited return of the Wonder Girls' Korean promotions isn't scaring them; it's exciting!

The Wonder Girls have been teasing their international market with teaser pictures of their newest song 2 Different Tears this week as f(x) made the rounds on the music shows to rock their NU ABO. In a recent interview with Newsen, f(x) was asked about their feelings on promoting on the same stage as the Wonder Girls, who have long been connected with f(x)'s label-mates SNSD.

The girls revealed, 「They're really our favorite seniors. We're personally acquainted with each other, but we're so happy that we get to be on the same stage together!」

f(x) member Luna especially has a connection with the Wonder Girls since she attends Lila Art High School with new Wonder Girl HyeLim!

Luna had a special glimmer in her eye as she spoke about HyeLim, saying, 「I was always very close with HyeLim.」 The girls had gone to school with each other pre-debut, dreaming of debuting. Even though the Wonder Girls are the senior girl group to f(x), Luna is actually HyeLim's senior in terms of debut.

f(x)'s bright mascot Sulli revealed her tie with HyeLim as well, revealing, 「I met HyeLim Unnie first at church, and we were close, but now that she goes to school with Luna, she's closer to Luna. Even after she joined the Wonder Girls, us three found some time to just hang out.」

This star-studded month of May is truly going to be an interesting one, especially through the unexpected friendships that we'll get to see! Is everyone excited for some f(x)/Wonder Girls action?