2010年5月11日 星期二

After School's Nana is Embarrassed by Her Supermodel Days

Photos of After School's Nana from her young and fresh days as a supermodel before her debut in After School, were revealed on May 9th broadcast of KBS 2TV of Sweet Night.

During the 「Rising stars of entertainment special」 segment, After School, K-Will, and HaHa were invited. Here Nana's image during her supermodel days were revealed.

At that time Nana was 19 and a junior in high school. After walking as if she was on a catwalk and showing off her skinny self she stated 「I will win with my own color」. However, because her speech was awkward back then, those who were watching the screen burst out laughing and she had to be satisfied with making it to the finals.

Nana reenacted the situation during the show and this time the cast applauded as Nana』s walking became a bit more flexible and her voice was natural.

The May 9th Sweet Night was also the last broadcast for the show.