2010年5月11日 星期二

4Minute Teases For Their Comeback!

Recently, 4Minute held a successful concert in Japan for thousands of fans, but like f(x), Super Junior, and Wonder Girls, 4Minute will be making a comeback this month!

To hype fans up for their comeback, 4Minute is teasing fans with a picture of a stylish sport cars on their homepage. The homepage reads, 「4Minute Coming Soon」. Near the bottom of 4Minute's homepage, there are three empty boxes. You can enter a letter/character into each box, and enter it by clicking the button that reads 「O.K」.

Some fans speculate that keywords will be released leading up to 4Minute's comeback, which is to occur around the third week of May.

What do you think will happen when you enter the right keywords on 4Minute's homepage? Do you think 4Minute's new song will be able to top their previous hits Hot Issue and Muzik?