2010年5月11日 星期二

The OB/GYN is Keeping Jessica from Thinking About Marriage…?

SNSD's Jessica recently revealed her perfect timeframe for marriage, but what's keeping her from doing that?

Jessica has recently landed a new role as a regular on the new KBS 2TV show Happy Birthday, which aired its first episode today! She revealed, 「After seeing Han GaIn get married at 23, I wanted to do that too. She looked so pretty!」

On the contrary, seeing as how Jessica turned 22 this year, her plans changed. She said,

Since I'm getting closer to that age, I've set myself on 26. Being a celebrity is more exciting than marriage. I want to live a fun life. I'd like it if I could travel with [my husband] and cook together with him.

Jessica also admitted her flip side to marriage, adding, 「I'm still scared of the hospital and morning sickness. If someone else could do that part for me it'd be great!」

Seeing Jessica's thoughts on marriage, it's easy to see that she's still a kid at heart. Let's not jump the gun here, Jess! You've still got some years to go before thinking about that.