2010年5月11日 星期二

Guests on Family Outing 2 Fail to Popularize the Show

The second season of Family Outing has been suffering from a lack of views lately, and with ratings at a low 6.5%, the producers attempted to attract viewers by inviting popular idols as guests for the May 2 broadcast of the show. During this episode, Tiffany of SNSD, Heechul of Super Junior, and Junho of 2PM paid a visit onto the set of Family Outing 2.

This special occasion caused ratings to go up a bit, but during the next week's episode, the ratings decreased once more by 0.8%. Unfortunately, the guests did not appear to give any overall effect to the program, which seems to be suffering from a lack of ability to entertain.

The producers of Family Outing 2 have yet to find the perfect method of advertising their show.