2010年5月2日 星期日

4-dimensional Kim HeeChul, 「SNSD YoonA used to like me」

uper Junior Kim HeeChul fired So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA by saying that YoonA used to like him.

Kim HeeChul had said that during his guest appearance on SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 2nd May. He said, 「At first I am not as close to YoonA. I was close to Jessica and Sunny. To say the truth, YoonA used to like me.」

He added, 「A while back when she had this scandal with TaecYeon, I laughed at it. YoonA doesn』t like guys like TaecYeon..」 showing his unique confidence. But YoonA's reply was 「I also don't like guys like oppa.」

Kim HeeChul then started showing caring gestures like brushing off dust from YoonA's head. Kim HeeChul also had a showdown of the variety sense with 『kkap Kwon』 Jo Kwon.

Meanwhile, Kim HeeChul has recently been decided as the fixed appearance on Family Outing 2.