2010年5月2日 星期日

UEE Works Hard for Birdie Buddy

After School's UEE has been filming Birdie Buddy, a drama about golf in Kang-Won-Do.
Since the weather in in Kang-Won-Do is still cold, most of the actors are having a hard time filming. However, UEE is enthusiastic for her role and still tries her best despite the freezing weather. Staff complimented UEE and predicted that Birdie Buddy will be a hit due to UEE's work.

Birdie Buddy is UEE's first leading role and is based on Lee HyunSae's comic about golf. UEE is playing the role of Sung MiSu, a country side girl who turns into a golf genius. Birdie Buddy will be on TV around June and Group8 are still talking with the broadcasting companies.