2010年5月2日 星期日

Is Taecyeon in a triangle relationship with Tiffany & Yoona?

Is SNSD Tiffany and Yoona in a triangle relationship with 2PM Taecyeon?

On SBS's episode of 'Close Friend Special' aired on the 2nd, Yoona brought Super Junior's Kim Heechul and Taecyeon brought SNSD's Tiffany as their special guests. With Tiffany's arrival, Taecyeon welcomed her by saying, "My friend is here," while Tiffany tapped him lightly, showing off their close friendship.

Kim Wonhee then observed, "You look like a honeymoon couple," and began to be suspicious of their erlationship. Tiffany and Taecyeon clarified by saying that they were only close friends but the other members were unable to believe it. They even brought in Taecyeon's old scandal, Yoona, and began to concoct a triangle relationship.

Taecyeon was also asked to choose his ideal girl between Tiffany and Yoona and chose Yoona. However, the other members were sure that his ideal girl is actually Tiffany.