2010年5月4日 星期二

T-ara EunJung Did Not Really Swear In Invicible Youth Confirmed By The Production Team

The production team has finally come out to clarify on the criticisms earlier about how T-ara EunJung has sworn on the show to HyoMin.

The production posted their official stand on the case on the show's homepage on 4th May. They wrote, 「During the show aired on 30th April, the conversation between HyoMin and guest appearance EunJung shown has attracted much criticisms from netizens.」

They added, 「We checked with the recording on the 3 cameras used for the filming then, and confirmed that she did not swear. The part where it seems that she was mouthing something, she was actually referring to HyoMin as 『지지배』*」 The production team also attached a video with the announcement and voiced that they hope the criticisms will stop.

*지지배 (ji-ji-bae) – often used to refer to another female who is junior