2010年5月4日 星期二

Gummy confesses, 「I was the first one to propose for my mother's singer debut」

Singer Gummy revealed, 「I was the first one to propose that my mother debut as a singer.」

Gummy did an interview with tvN ENEWS 『Behind Star』 recently and talked about her mother Jang SookJung's singer debut, 「I think it is a waste if my mother's vocal capabilities are not shown. Being able to help my mother debut as a singer is one of the best thing that happened since I was born.」

She added, 「My mother's vocal capabilities are better than mine. My mother is one of the artistes who gave me the greatest influences to want to be a singer. Now, I think of us as teacher and student as well.」

Gummy said, 「My mother has had it tough all this while. It will be good that she gets to enjoy the things she wants to do.」

Gummy is back with a new album 『Loveless』 after 2 years. The title song to the album 『As A Man』 is currently receiving much love from music fans and it is moving up fast on various music charts.