2010年5月3日 星期一

"Self-styled Goddess" Gyuri "It's just hard to drop the mirror"!

Kara's Gyuri said worriedly 「It's just hard to let go of a mirror」 .

Gyuri received consultation about her worries on 「Fantasy pair of – Love』s classroom」 MBC aired program on 2 May morning, hosted by Jeong Si-Yeon.

Gyuri expressed worriedly 「It's just hard to let go of mirror. Other people have noticed this」.

Jeong Si-Yeon asked 「When you look at the mirror, what do you do?」 Gyuri explained 「I do a check on myself while looking at the mirror. This time we've moved to new dorm and now one side of my closet is all mirror.」 Then Jeong Si-Yeon asked 「Isn't a goddess behave like so?」 Gyuri 「Goddess is a goddess, mirror is a mirror. It's a different story(problem).」

Jeong Si-Yeon asked Gyuri again 「(now) Take a look at the mirror」 「what it feels like?」 Gyuri answered 「Satisfied」, which brings the whole studio into laughter. Then, Jeong Si-Yeon said wittily, 「Whenever Gyuri unnie looks at the mirror, she feels satisfied, there's nothing you can't see on the mirror."