2010年5月3日 星期一

Cinderella's Sister OST Conquers Online Music Sites

Rain Bi and Lee Hyori are dominating the music shows now, but in online music charts, Super Junior 's YeSung is currently on number one spot with his single 『It Can't Be Anyone But You』 or also known as 『It Has To Be You』.

『It Can't Be Anyone But You』 is the main theme song for the famous 『Cinderella's Sister』 drama which airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS channel. Currently, 『Cinderella's Sister』 drama gains the most percentage of viewership beating the other dramas on the same time slot such as 『Personal Taste』 on MBC and 『Prosecutor Princess』 on SBS channel.

YeSung's single for the drama OST not only won the first place for BGM category, but also gains popularity in categories of ring tones and ring back tones. As a result, the song has been awarded 『The Song of the Month』 by Cyworld. Being the most loved artist of April, YeSung was extremely excited and grateful by expressing, 「I am so happy. To the many people who loved this song, thank you」.

The song has been alluring listeners with its touching melody, poetic lyrics and of course the husky vocals of YeSung. Since the first episode of the drama, this song has been 『haunting』 the listeners especially when listening to it once is never enough.

Beating the KPop King, Rain Bi and KPop Queen, Lee Hyori in the online music sites and ring tone category is indeed an impressive achievement. When being asked about his feelings, YeSung answered, 「It was a totally unexpected result」. He also explained, 「The song is really fitting for the heart wrenching love story in Cinderella』s Sister. I believe it is a song that anyone can enjoy」. YeSung also expressed his fondness towards the song by saying, 「I really liked the song when I was recording it」.

Aside from 『It Can't Be Anyone But You』, 『Cinderella's Sister』 drama also offers a sentimental ballad track featuring Luna and Krystal from the idol group, f(x). The song 『Calling Out』 perfectly portrays the painful love of the characters who are still haunted by their rigorous past. By sweeping various music charts, 『Calling Out』 is experiencing skyrocket popularity.

In addition to that, since the 9th episode which aired on April 28th, another new track, 『Love Ballad』 was also broadcasted. Alex delivers the hurtful love story of the four young characters perfectly with his soft and sorrowful voice. Since the broadcasting, the song has been receiving positive responses and it strengthens the top position of the drama. No wonder 『Cinderella's Sister』 drama gains many viewers since it has a perfect and overall package of a successful drama with excellent OST tracks, powerful dialogues, breathtaking sceneries and flawless acting of the stars.

The 『Cinderella's Sister』 OST which features YeSung's 『It Can't Be Anyone But You』 and f(x)'s 『Calling Out」 has been in stores since April 27th. The second part of the OST including Alex's 『Love Ballad』 will arrive in the stores soon. So, for 『Cinderella's Sister』 OST fans don't miss the chance to grab a copy of it once it arrives the stores!