2010年5月11日 星期二

Invincible Youth PD "1 or 2 member changes.. But not Season 2"

KBS 2TV entertainment program "Invincible Youth" to replace 1 or 2 members as well as some attempts to transform its atmosphere.

On 10 May, Money Today StarNews, Invincible Youth's PD, Kim HoSang said "On the coming episodes in June, Invincible Youth is expected to have new atmosphere as we're putting in 1 or 2 new members."

Kim PD explained "There'll be a change of format but it's not reorganization as season 2, instead minor restructuring to replace few members while still maintaining current concept"

In order to select new member for invincible youth, currently there's ongoing audition amongst girl group members.

Meanwhile, current Invincible Youth's G7 members are Narsha(BEG),Yuri(SNSD),Sunny(SNSD),Hyomin(T-ara),Han Sunhwa(Secret),Goo Hara(Kara),Kim HyunA(4-minute).